Academic Committee

   Chairman: Prof. Can Li                 

   Vice Chairmen:                                

  Profs. Kuiling Ding, Zaiku Xie  


 Director: Prof. Wenjie Shen   

 Associate Directors:                  

 Profs. Qiang Fu, Fengtao Fan


International Advisory


Analytical Services and

Administration, Dr. Linyan Hu


Catalytic Reaction Chemistry,

Prof. Wenjie Shen

Molecular Catalysis and In-Situ 

Characterization, Prof. Can Li

Organic-Inorganic Hybrid 

Materials, Prof. Qihua Yang

Nano and Interfacial Catalysis, 

Prof. Qiang Fu

Membrane Catalysis and New Ca-

-talytic Materials, Prof. W.S. Yang

 Nano and Interfacial



Catalytic Application of Metal Cluster, 

Prof. Gao Li

Micro Nano Reactor & Reaction Engineering 

  Science, Prof. Jian Liu

2D Materials and Energy Catalysis,

Prof. Dehui Deng

Two-dimensional Thermoelectric Materials,

Prof. Peng Jiang

Catalytic Reactions


Carbon Nanomaterials for Energy, 

Prof. Xiulian Pan

Light Hydrocarbon Utilization, 

Prof. Jiahui Huang

Electrocatalytic Conversion of Carbon-Based 

Resources, Prof. Guoxiong Wang



Photocatalysis on Materials with Wide Visible

Light Utilization, Prof. Fuxiang Zhang

Coupled System for Solar Energy Conversion 

and Storage, Prof. Xu Zong

Mechanism of Photocatalysis Reaction, 

Prof. Hongxian Han

Photoelectrocatalytic Conversion of Solar Energy, 

Prof. Jingying Shi

Spectroscopic Photoelectric Imaging, 

Prof. Fengtao Fan

Organic Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, 

Prof. Xin Guo

Micro Nano Photo(electro)catalyst and

Photocatalysis, Prof. Rengui Li



Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and

Catalytic Chemistry, Prof. Guangjin Hou

Theoretial Catalysis


Theoretial Catalysis, 

Prof. Jianping Xiao